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The way in which business creates value is undergoing a revolution. The design and organization of work is being redefined by the emergence of new practices. Social media is an obvious game changer, as are technology and the rise of the internet generation amongst others. These developments represent tremendous opportunity for business. The have arisen in times of great economic difficulty and are adept at overcoming the limitations and constraints implicit in traditional models of business. The combination of these factors has an effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. Whilst many organizations have adopted these trends to some degree, they remain as appendages to the traditional model of business, exerting minimal influence. One reason is that it has been difficult to implement these phenomena in a concrete way into the design and organization of work. The good news is that the understanding and value of these phenomena have now reached sufficient maturity for meaningful incorporation into the mainstream model of business. The talk presents these phenomena in a clear and relevant way as options for putting business onto a new trajectory of growth and development.

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Text Box: Putting Humpty Dumpty Together Again: System Thinking for Better Business

An IBM survey of about 1,500 CEO’s worldwide concluded that “the world’s private and public sector leaders believe that a rapid escalation of complexity is the biggest challenge confronting them and they expect it to escalate in the coming years. They are equally clear that their enterprises today are not equipped to cope effectively with this complexity in the global environment.”

An effective option for dealing with this challenge is to address the complexity that organizations create for themselves and this requires work to be designed better. The design of work is more than a process flow. It is the very essence of how value is created for a company and its customers. It is the essence of management.

The science of systems lends itself well to design of work and addressing the business challenges of current times. This talk demonstrates the value of systems thinking in business. It offers a practical and accessible language for designing work better. An essential purpose of business has been lost in dealing with 21st century challenges viz. organizing work so that the whole is more than a sum of its parts. System thinking may offer a useful remedy.

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